Community worries regarding the lack of communication about Debian10 support


I hesitated long and hard before submitting this as an issue, but the way I view it, it qualifies as one.

It's been 2 months since the last update of Virtualmin, and, also, 2 months since Joe wrote in the forum that Debian 10 support should be announced "in a day or two" ( ).

And since then? Nothing. No communication at all. Even though we talk about a distribution that's not an LTS and has, all things considered, a life cycle that's not that long.

It's been long enough that some members are expressing worries in the forums, has something happened, is the Virtualmin team facing problems that hinder their work? Has there been reasons the Debian 10 compatibility is still not there even though the distribution was released in early July, six months ago?

Decisions have to be put off. Investments, perhaps.

So, yes, I'm filing a ticket for this: dear Virtualmin team, I don't ask that you publish a Debian 10 compatible version at once, I simply, politely, recommend that you COMMUNICATE.

Let us know, is there an ETA, can we hope to have it before a certain time period, has there been issues going on behind the scene (and come on, if there are, we don't require private details, and our sympathy is already evident, but let us know there's something and we'll stop being anxious), or is it simply that new issues keep on being discovered or you can't help it that they must be fixed first, or perhaps are you yourselves depending on a third party's horribly late contributions.... who knows. So, yes, please, do let us know in the forums, I can assure you lots of people, also in the admin community, are growing very worried, while a few words from a member of the team would be enough to fix that situation :)

Good day to you, btw!



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Passing this one to Joe for further comment.

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Submitted by Ilia on Mon, 12/16/2019 - 15:44

I will try to help Joe and fix it tomorrow for Debian 10.

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Submitted by Ilia on Tue, 12/17/2019 - 08:54

Yeah, I'll take a look tomorrow. :-)

I'm not an admin myself, me I'm a user who outsources the heavy work to my tech guy (and who has put off investing in new servers until Debian10 was supported), but I will gladly forward the news towards him. Thank you!

Many thanks for this release.

I am glad to report that the installation on a fresh Debian 10 was a success.
The post-installation wizard OK too.
Recheck config OK too.

You have not worked on making it use the new ssl features on postfix 3.4 yet ? i'm looking forward to these working :)

also when i do a domain name it has


but when i request a lets encrypt for it, webmail and admin are not in the domains... is this not a fault ?

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Submitted by Joe on Wed, 12/18/2019 - 17:24 Pro Licensee

Embarrassingly, I thought I'd already pushed and announced Debian 10 support around about the time I said I would. It's been finished in git since then, I just never actually got it out the door (I've had a bit of personal chaos to contend with, and easily distracted). I'll make it official tonight.

I installed the test version 3 times on a fresh Debian 10 and I got the same behavior. Virtualmin installs without any issue. Then I checked the configuration and the system was ready for creating virtual servers. I created one. I opened the browser to access the website. It stays in waiting and no page is loaded.

I disabled the configuration file "a2dissite mydomain.lan.conf" then loaded again the server name in browser. It opens immediately Apache default page. I checked all log files for error and I did not find one. I disable Firewalld, and other consuming services and nothing happened.

I went back to install Virtualmin on Debian 9. This time page loads immediately. Please note I did not process any php file just an html file with a text inside. This issue is not related to connection or network because disabling the created virtual server I can establish immediately the connection. It is related to Apache configuration (FCGI, ...).

If others would like to test please share your experience. Thank you.

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Submitted by Ilia on Thu, 12/19/2019 - 04:36

Joe, thank you very much!

I confirm that the official install script for Debian 10 works just fine now! Only one package is missing after install which is unrar (from package unrar-free).

If others would like to test please share your experience. Thank you.

I have create local domain on virtual machine with newly installed Debian 10 and Virtualmin, and could access it with out an issue? (with FCGId (run as virtual server owner)) - default. Then I switched to CGI wrapper (run as virtual server owner) - also worked, same fine for FPM (run as virtual server owner).

If it just hangs, it looks like Firewall/network issue.

I managed the issue. It was not related to firewall because I already flushed all chains and stopped Firewalld service. I have to edit /etc/hosts to add the real IP address for the server and its fqdn name. It was set up by default to Also I setup in resolv.conf DNS to Google's DNS. Now it loads the page instantly.

For getting a great package it has to be updated to our days. In Postfix or Dovecot there are ancient config settings fortunately still working. I hope Virtualmin Team will take in consideration updating configuration settings for important packages. Nftables also get more adepts, Firewalld is more for workstations. Even ifupdown has a high priority in Debian netplan developed by Canonical is doing a great job in Ubuntu.

By the way why Webanalizer is still in default installation? Packages like this one, DAV, and other should be installed manually like phpMyAdmin, RoundCube for those who need them.

I will check all logs for errors testing this version. Thank you again for making it public. Hope to switch a few servers to Debian 10 in the next months. In my opinion Virtualmin is the best offering tons of features. Have you ever think to donations for those who don't buy licences?