Process /usr/share/webmin/fastrpc.cgi use max ram and cpu


I've had a problem for a while.

Let me explain, I have two servers in Ubuntu 18.04n a virtualmin and a cloudmin.

When I run the "Refresh Status Fully" command from the cloudmin server to the virtualmin server.

There is a service "/usr/share/webmin/fastrpc.cgi" that runs on min serveru virutalmin that uses all RAM and CPU.

I am forced to stop it with a command line "kill" on the virtualmin server.

Do you have any idea how I can fix the problem?


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Title: M » Process /usr/share/webmin/fastrpc.cgi use max ram and cpu
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Thanks for your report! I'm passing this to Jamie for further comment.

Jamie, any thoughts on what might be using up that much CPU/RAM with that process?

No, I can't see why that would happen. Are both remote systems running the latest Webmin?