Joomla website redirecting to https (Apache SSL Website is unchecked)

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#1 Wed, 11/20/2019 - 06:42

Joomla website redirecting to https (Apache SSL Website is unchecked)

I have copied a joomla website and database across from a cpanel account. I have left the dns with the cpanel account on other host and simply pointed an A record at my virtualmin system.

However, i cannot for the life of me stop SSL on this website.

I have checked Joomla administration area to ensure that Force HTTPS is disabled (all good)

I have ensured that the Joomla configuration file has no reference to https (all good)

I cannot find any reference redirecting http to https in htaccess file (all good)

I have gone to Virtualmin>Edit Virtual Server> Apache SSL Website (unchecked)

I am completely stumped...what can be forcing browsers to load this website as https? (i have tried 3 different browsers on my desktop PC, also wifes IMAC, and my android mobile phone)...everything keeps loading https!

The website runs perfectly fine on Cpanel but as soon as i use the primary domain on Virtualmin, this happens.

I even setup a test site in a sub domain and it also tries to load https.

the website doesnt work on must be http for now.

Wed, 11/20/2019 - 08:14

I have fixed the problem. Essentially as far as i can tell, the trouble came about because of a failed domain migration from cpanel to virtualmin.

when i performed the SSH transfer, i got over 1GB of empty space with a new virtualmin "migrated account".

I then manually copied all of the joomla files and database to this new account, however, for some reason Virtualmin was refusing to play ball. It was continually forcing SSL on a website that didnt have any SSL (which is strange considering the Cpanel account wasnt using one either, although, i did see an acme reference in the cpanel dns perhaps at some point in the past someone looking after this site had either tried and failed to get ssl, or it had expired?

in any case, i eventually decided to completely delete the virtual server and start again. Of course i then struck another almost disastrous error... (which clearly has not been properly fixed yet) thus taking out my entire server because i did not realise that changing the phpversions for the problematic virtual server i had just replaced with a new one, would also cause php-fpm to fail for whichever version of php i selected in virutalmin for the new virtual server (thus taking out any and all websites using said versions of php-fpm)...this because virtualmin had not correctly copied the ".com" part of group as explained in the url link above.

The solution got me sorted.

Anyway, problem all sorted for now...what a bloody nightmare that was!!!

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