Please, I need just an answer [IPs netplan]

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#1 Thu, 05/09/2019 - 14:25

Please, I need just an answer [IPs netplan]

I cannot understand, and I cannot find answers, why Ubuntu 18.04 don't cope with webmin's IPs. I have couples of IP and I cannot make it working on Ubuntu 18.04 with Netplan.

It looks like a bug and know one explain/fix the problem...

Any one?

Sat, 09/21/2019 - 21:15

I confirm this on fresh install 18.04.3 LTS but with only 1 IP. The only temporary workaround I have come up with is to repair .yaml file, make copy and avoid rebooting until working solution is found.

Sun, 09/22/2019 - 08:58

Found solution. When netplan is set before installing Virtualmin connection is lost.

Setup Virtualmin on FRESH install of 18.04. Then configure static iP in Webmin.

My guess is that all experienced admins set static iP before any other action.

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