Backups with webdav, issue while archiving

Hello there,

So last month i had mounted a webdav on my servers, plan was to take backups and write to this drive my backups.. All was fine until a week back that it started giving problems.

I tried to mount the webdav drive via Fstab but that did not work, so i created a startup command in webmin and that was fine. But now it seems the backup into this Webdav mount does not work.. i repeat a month back it was working perfectly..

I get this error.

.. completed in 1 seconds Creating backup for virtual server .. Dumping MySQL database intadmin_xenforo_db .. .. done .. completed in 1 seconds Creating final backup archives in directory .. .. archive failed!

/bin/sh: 1: cannot create /mnt/pcloudav/server2/db/db_08082019/ Input/output error



Howdy -- thanks for contacting us!

Hmm, that may not be a Virtualmin issue you're seeing there, but I'd be curious about one thing -- are you able to make tar backups using the command line?

For example, I'm curious what output you receive when running this command:

tar cjvf /mnt/pcloudav/server2/db/test.tar.bz2 /etc

The above will make an archive of /etc and store it in "test.tar.bz2" in the directory you were attempting to use above.

Yes i know this is not a virtualmin issue, thought i could get an idea from your guys.

mesg: ttyname failed: Inappropriate ioctl for device is what i get when mount via command line.. the mount does work though.. may be i will have to find an FTP account.. and go away from this webdav one.

Were you able to run the above command though (the tar command I mentioned)?

I'd be curious what happens when running that, that might help point us in the right direction.