No way to Edit DNS Records when using PowerDNS plugin

Forum post has complete details as I am currently unsure if this is a feature request or a bug.

I am attempting to use the powerDNS plugin for Virtualmin and it only seems to partially work. It creates the zone in PowerDNS when you enable the module on a domain, however, Virtualmin does not show the DNS zone editor in the Virtual Server. It provides the "suggested DNS records" option instead of the "DNS Options" and "DNS Records" option to actually control the DNS records when using PowerDNS.

Is this an issue in the PowerDNS module because it is no longer maintained or something in the Virtualmin core?



This is actually a missing feature in the PowerDNS plugin - it can currently only show the template for records for new domains, not allow editing them for existing domains. We haven't implemented this because very few users use PowerDNS.


With the recent cPanel price changes, there is a large majority of people hunting for new control panel options. One of the most requested, unimplemented features of cPanel was the lack of PowerDNS, DNSSEC, DNs clustering support. So I feel as those there is a large market that wants to use PowerDNS, but no one simply offers it.

We have been considering DirectAdmin or Virtualmin and was hoping this might push us towards Virtualmin as I use Virtualmin GPL on some of my personal servers.

Is there a "blueprint" of what functions would need to be implemented to support this and what parameters would be passed and need to be returned etc and I might be able to put in some time to contribute to the plugin. I just don't unfortunately have enough time to go through all of the base code to understand how it work without some hints.

Database backend allowing more flexible integration with multiple tools.

Native replication not only master/slave. "Supermaster" concept in PowerDNS.