Letsencrypt on hostname with main domain on other IP

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#1 Wed, 07/17/2019 - 06:06

Letsencrypt on hostname with main domain on other IP

Hello everyone!

we have the following situation

Main company website on a separate VPS www.aaaa.com
there everything is working, there is no panel on that VPS and we have SSL certificate from letsencrypt for the domain.

Server for shared hosting accounts host1.aaaa.com We installed Virtualmin and now we want to add the SSL certificate for the hostname.

If we add host1.aaaa.com as Virtual Server and request the letsencrypt certificate for host1.aaaa.com it is working but we get a wildcard one *.host1.aaaa.com that is not valid when we go to https://host1.aaaa.com:10000

If we request a certificate for aaaa.com then it fails because the domain is not pointing at this new server but at the vps that hosts the www.aaaa.com site.

Is there a way to get a certificate for host1.aaaa.com if that is on a different server than aaaa.com ?

Thank you Emily

Wed, 07/17/2019 - 16:24

I've not tried to fit a wild card certificate across multiple servers and the webmin servers, so you might have to do some of your own investigation.

That said, webmin/virtualmin run on their own webserver, not the apache/nginx servers that deliver your site content. As such, it has its own configuration. Look into your webmin SSL config. You will probably have to install your wildcard certificate in there.

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