Manage Database 404

There is a problem when Managing Databases and navigating to the Drop Database section. Depending on how the link is accessed, it can produce a 404 error. For example:

Edit Databases -> Manage (under Actions) -> Drop Database << This works


Edit Databses -> Click DB name -> Manage Database -> Drop Database << This elicits a 404

Webmin: 1.910 Virtualmin: 6.06-2

Fixed (pending)


My error is caused when editing any existing database table. As mine has production websites on it, I don't intend dropping existing database (which are the only ones with the issue)

If I create a new database and then try to use virtualmin tab to edit database, I don't get any 404 error in virtualmin gui.

Also, on my debian 9 system, I have no issues managing all databases from webmin>servers>mysql databases

My issue started after upgrade from GPL to Pro.

Btw, I have this issue even when logged into virtualmin as root user...I will need to check if any other users are affected.

If I could just find a log file that contain an error related to this? (I can't find anything relevant)

Actually, in looking through bug is another report of what appears to me to be the same type of error...

Has that patch Jamie made for this issue been applied to all updates yet?

The issue above is a different problem -- in that issue the user isn't able to create new users due to a MySQL version issue.

We don't want to complicate this too much before Jamie can take a look -- let's hold off on additional information until he's able to respond. He's traveling now, but he'll respond as soon as he's available.

Thanks for your reports!

I'm having the same problem when managing databases and editing tables For example:

Edit Databses -> Click DB name -> Manage Database -> Edit table :: 404 File not found

Virtualmin version 6.06-2

For anyone who's seeing this, can you post the error that gets logged to /var/webmin/miniserv.error so we can see exactly what page you're getting the 404 on?

Nothing got logged to /var/webmin/miniserv.error. I watched the tail of the file before/after the 404 error.

Ok, what about /var/webmin/miniserv.log ?

its not being logged as far as i can tell.

I can provide you guys access to my system through virtualmin if you want...perhaps its easier for you to look directly?

This got logged to miniserv.log:

ip.x.x.x - root [06/Jul/2019:01:06:05 -0400] "GET /virtual-server/edit_table.cgi?db=dbname&table=tablename HTTP/1.1" 404 3537

I can give you access too.

I cant seem to open miniserv.log...its just whirs away for ages and never loads....oh wait, i have something.

it_dbase.cgi?db=shop_whmcs HTTP/1.1" 200 22916 - root [30/Jun/2019:19:52:31 +1000] "GET /virtual-server/edit_table.cgi?db=shop_whmcs&table=tbladmins HTTP/1.1" 404 3642

If you guys could check my recent purchase/billing, however, i believe this is the same day as updgrade from gpl to pro

Can this log be automatically rotated to reduce its size a bit?

That helps guys, thanks!

Jamie is currently traveling, but he'll get back with you shortly on what the next steps there are.

Ok, that URL /virtual-server/edit_table.cgi is invalid and shouldn't ever be called.

This may be a theme issue - have you tried upgrading to the new 1.920 version of Webmin?

Yes indeed. I changed theme from Authentic Theme (19.35) to Gray Framed Theme, then tried managing database and problem solved. I changed theme back to Authentic Theme, and problem solved too. Thanks. But why?

Where is the webmin update?

I dont have any options in Webmin>Webmin Configuration to update webmin from 1.920 or Virtualmin 19.35 and Usermin 1.751(which are the versions that i have installed) ' I have always had automatic updates enabled, my system is not showing any updates for webmin.

If i go to Webmin>Webmin Configuration>Software Updates>Force Update Theme>Install Latest Stable, i get the following warning...

Installing this version of Authentic Theme 19.36 requires latest and or possibly unreleased version of Webmin and Usermin to work  properly..., or upgrade Webmin/Usermin to the latest development version first using consol, by running script from its directory

I am not keen on doing that on a production system unless you guys are sure its ok.

I also tried changing webmin theme from Authentic to Gray framed then back again...made no difference!

This issue is not fixed for me at present.

It sounds like all he did was change the theme from Authentic to the Gray theme, and then changed it back to Authentic. It was that process of switching that corrected the problem.

Yes, all I did was changing the theme. It seems this cleared some cache that was causing the problems . So, this cache should have been cleared automatically I guess.

As I said, i changed the theme from Authentic to Gray Framed, then changed it back again...this did not work for me. I still get 404 error in virtualmin when editing database tables on existing databases.

I have tried again on a different computer system...still 404 error.

Same here, still getting a 404 even after changing the theme from Grayed and back to Authentic. I get the error when trying to backup a database, edit it or execute a sql script against it.

In miniserver.error I do see an entry: /virtual-server/edit_table.cgi : File not found

I can create a database but I cannot create tables or views. I cannot drop tables or edit them. I can't even drop the database using the button under the management section. However, I can delete the database in the menu before I manage the database. So the problem has to be in the manage database section.

What's really interesting about this is I think this problem is only happening in Virtualmin. Under the webmin tab >> Servers >> Mysql database server >> going to the same database everything seems to be ok taking that route. Backups, edits, deletes, creates and execute sql code all works there!!

My versioning Webmin version 1.920 Usermin version 1.751 Virtualmin version 6.06-2 Authentic theme version 19.36

Let me know if you need more details!

Yep only happens in virtualmin for me too. Editing databases in webmin works fine.

Also, if I create a new database, I don't have this's only with existing databases and started around the time of my upgrade from virtualmin gpl to pro.

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Ilia, this looks like a possible theme issue (or theme/Virtualmin integration issue) ?

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Submitted by Ilia on Sat, 07/13/2019 - 17:20

I can create a database but I cannot create tables or views. I cannot drop tables or edit them. I can't even drop the database using the button under the management section.

Confirmed and fixed on the latest commit. Please update to the latest dev version of the theme (19.37-RC3) using theme configuration.

Authentic Theme release 19.37 is coming on July 15-16 (few days).

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Submitted by Ilia on Sat, 07/13/2019 - 17:23

Status: Active » Fixed (pending)

Confirmed that its working now. Had to update usermin to 1.770 then update the authentic theme to 19.37

All is well, thanks!