Moving servers and changing usernames does not properly change apache suexec

I have had multiple issues when moving servers around to be children of other servers. The problem is that PHP stop working wen running as server owner. I have traced the issue down to the servers conf file in /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/servername.conf

This file has the wrong ID for SUEXEC User Group

I would recommend reviewing the scripts that are used to rehome servers as children (subservers) of other servers and also the scripts that are used when using "Change administration username?"



Some more information.

A server existed named with a child of
on a different host there was a server called (same as on the other host)
a full backup was taken of the first host and restored to the second host. At this time ONLY the child server was restored. Once completed the child server has the wrong SUEXEC ids (still had IDs from the first host)

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Passing this along to Jamie for comment.

When you say it has the wrong ID, do you mean the numeric UID / GID? Or the username?

numeric ID like
SuexecUserGroup "#1234" "#1234"