Update postgrey package

The postgrey package included with virtualmin is very old. There have been three releases since the shipping version of 1.34 see https://github.com/schweikert/postgrey/blob/master/Changes they include some fixes to improve upon IP matching related to large pool senders and better IPv6 support.

As well the whitelist in the current version is old and missing many entries needed to avoid long delays from senders using round robin outgoing severs such as office 365, github and facebook. Messages could be delayed by the postgrey delay value * number of servers in their pool resulting in delays of many hours.

Updating the greylist package to the latest version fixes both of these issues. At the very least users should probably be directed update the included whitelist if the package isn't going to be updated.



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Passing this along to Joe.

Is there any update on this?

I could do with this being updated as I'm having issues with outlook emails being delayed for nearly 16 hours etc

No update yet... that appears to be the latest provided by the EPEL repo, which is where we pulled that package from, but I'll check with Joe about whether there's a way we could update that.

In the meantime, you could always pull that package from a different repository, or at least grab the config files from a different package.

Thanks very much for the reply.

Id be interested in doing that, but I'm not confident without some hand holding etc.

What should I do?