Create new Account in Webmin/Virtualmin and Usermin for that account is almost nonfunctional...except when force theme update action is performed

Guys, this cannot go on any longer...

whmcs is unable to successfully provision working usermin accounts for my clients with this error continuing to present itself.

Please email me and i will provide full server access so you can problem solve this (I am not the only one having the issue).

The issue to repdroduce is as follows

  1. Login to Webmin/Virtualmin and create a new Virtual Server User (this use does not have webmin access)
  2. Attempt to login to Usermin

the login process is taking a very long time eventually the login seems successful however the mail functionality of usermin is essentially non functional (it is missing the compose menu among other issues) and sometimes a Postfix authentication error appears (however, I am not convinced this error is acccurate as if i change back to the "old usermin theme" the program functions correctly with full working email capability.

I realise this is the gpl version, however, I am willing to provide full access to my web server with live websites on it, as well as Blesta Billing and WHMCS, so that you guys can problem solve the issue.

Essentially my current fix is to go into virtualmin and change the usermine theme to anything but Authentic. As soon as I do that, Usermin functions correctl. I can them go and change the theme back to the Authentic Theme and Usermin functions normally.

kind regards, Adam



Howdy -- you had commented on a thread here which sounds like a similar issue:

In that thread, the original poster mentioned that using the latest Authentic version resolved the issue for them.

Does updating to the latest Authentic version resolve the issue for you as well?

gday, I am always using the latest theme for Webmin/ in answer to your question...not exactly.

What i have now found is this...

  1. Webmin>Usermin configuration>Usermin Themes (set to old theme)
  2. Virtualmin>Edit Users>Add a user to this server

enter username and password.

Interestingly enough, as soon as i login FOR THE VERY FIRST TIME FOR NEW USER, i am presented with a second IMAP login screen!

It is only after i then enter my login details again in the second IMAP authentication form that i am fully logged into usermin and it functions normally.

I have logged and out then logged in again, and that second login screen doesnt seem to reappear again...its almost as if it is just the initial first login where this is a problem??? IS it possible that this might be related to a new user needing to confirm via email link first before loggin into usermin? (i dont recal if that is even an option?)

Also, once logged in for the first time, if i then change the usermin theme to Authentic...i have no ongoing issues. It just seems to be on new accounts that this is a major problem.

I am sorry that my thought process is so varied and somewhat convoluted...because i dont fully understand the underlying code... and a lot of these problems are new to me, my experiences vary and hence my workarounds/solution that i think work, often dont!

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Submitted by fakemoth on Thu, 05/16/2019 - 14:57

Another problem related to version 19.33 (and the 19.34 betas too): in Cloudmin on all my controllers (set to land on Cloudmin Managed Systems page) nothing loads, just the loader is jumping from side to side.

I have to click somewhere, to load something and go back to the list to get to them. At which point the dialog that appears, the one with... if I am sure I want to leave the page, just freezes. Sometimes, it works.