Can someone walk me trough?

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Can someone walk me trough?

I am a 22 year old software developer from the Netherlands. 2 months ago I built my own server that runs Ubuntu. I installed LAMP and FTP. This way I could create websites via my own server. In the beginning I wanted to install DirectAdmin as I have at work. But I soon discovered that it cost money. So I went to look further. Then I came across Webmin and saw that it can be expanded with Virtualmin. I followed the official tutorial and some other ones I found on Google. But I still couldn't get it right with the hostname and name servers of my domain. Is there anyone who wants to walk me through this step by step? (Discord, Skype or any voice chat). I have multiple questions because I am very interested in these kinda things.

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Thu, 05/16/2019 - 05:05


First you start with some reading of forumrules / guidelines, for having software versions and some other info's about hosting company.

For example if in on "cloudplatform" there could be a cloudinit where sometimes hostname also is set.

I can't help with Ubuntu.

But if cloudinit you have to search on teh web and ask hoster for howto's ( AWS and Openstack for example have this)

Then also normally you start with virtualmin if you want virtualmin, then the virtualmin install does also the webmin for you. ( the other way arround i started myself and then after some..... i reinstalled clean starting with virtualmin install sh ) That was my first time virtualmin.

Network settings are per OS different, so while i'm on CENTOS and have no UBUNTU knowledge i can't help you.

But maybe i have pointing you to some important things to start with.? ( iám Dutch)

You can also go for license and Support or ask

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