How to remove manually deleted scripts

Users sometimes install a script (e.g., Wordpress) through Virtualmin, then don't use it but use the database it created for something else. However, the files still sit there waiting to be hacked unless they are needlessly upgraded when updates are released.

If I "uninstall" the script the database they're still using will be removed, so I can't do that.

How can I remove the entry in the list of scripts installed when I delete the script's files?


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Howdy -- thanks for contacting us!

There isn't a way to do that from within the GUI, but it's no problem to remove the Virtualmin config file for it.

Those can be found under "/etc/webmin/virtual-server/scriptlog/". The list of directories there refer to each account's ID... and then within each account would be all the Install Scripts associated with that account.

If you remove one of the script configs, I'd recommend restarting Webmin afterwards (with "service webmin restart").

Thank Eric, but I have no "scriptlog" directory in /etc/webmin/virtual-server.

That's surprising ... I assume that /etc/webmin/virtual-server exists?

Yes it does.

Oops, I forgot that on some systems the path is /var/webmin/modules/virtual-server/scriptlog

Thanks. That has removed the entries from System Settings -> Script Installers -> Script Summery, so I assume that's done the trick.


Yes, that's all that is needed.

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