Feedback, almost a bug report: the server status doesn't refresh fast enough


First of all, this is NOT a support request (plus, I'm with virtualmin GPL).

Simply, I'm filing this as constructive criticism of something imperfect enough to behave like a bug, I believe virtualmin would be better if that aspect was tweaked.

Look at the attached picture.

So: after a reboot of my server (debian 7 end of life, webmin, virtualmin), during 6 to 8 minutes, my virtualmin's home page had this odd server status, see the attached screenshot image, saying that nearly half of the services were simultaneously up and down. I triple-checked with service --status-all and live testing of the server's websites, they certainly were up and finely working despite virtualmin's home page for my server. Which leaves only one explanation: this confusing server status is a snapshot of boot-time events while everything was being fired up at once or almost, and fresher information hadn't appeared yet.

So, here's for my feedback: something as significant and alarms-raising as the server status should be refreshed much, more often than that. At least every thirty seconds, minimum. Or, if that's bad practice, have it be refreshed very often in one precise situtation: when we're not in a situation where everything is marked as being exclusively up.

I hope that doesn't sound like a rant. Hae a good day!



You're right, the status is by default fetched every 5 minutes rather than on page load.

However, you can force it to be computed immediately at Webmin -> Webmin Configuration -> Background Status Collection (at the cost of some speed).