Missing System Information

I have a few servers that are missing the System Information on the main page. It's a hit or miss issue. And yes I do have the collect status info set.



Howdy -- thanks for contacting us!

I suspect Jamie will have some additional input, but just to ensure he has all the information he needs -- the servers missing that information, are they all running the same Virtualmin theme? And if so, which theme are they using?

And if you change the theme, does that help with the issue?

Not all the same theme but I have tried on the servers that aren't showing the system info both the virtualmin framed theme and the authentic and no change. Also current versions of the themes.

Thanks for the info!

Jamie will let us know his thoughts on what's going on there.

I take it that non of my open tickets are going to be replied to anymore. VM used to have great support but it seems this isn't true anymore.