New Let's encrypt feature

is there a timetable for virtualmin to support the newly enabled free wildcard SSL certs?



No, I've just started looking into it. However, it won't be trivial for two reasons :

1 - They've defined a new protocol for wildcard cert requests 2 - It will only work with DNS validation

If the domain has local DNS then validation should not be a problem.....i do not think you could do it for domains that do not have local dns....

Assuming local DNS is a bad idea, that is not the case in much of the situations. It would have to be a 3 step process. Step one request and provide DNS validation information, step 2 - setup DNS validation, step 3 click "verify"

exactly..and those steps could be automated.

Has there been any movement on this feature?

Sorry, not yet... we're very interested in adding that, but it may take a bit to implement. And with the holidays we're also a bit more backed up than usual. It's on the todo list though!

Still waiting for this feature.

Understood... thanks for your interest!

We haven't made too much headway with this yet, but it's certainly still on the todo list.

Support for this has been implemented for inclusion in Webmin 1.900 and Virtualmin 6.05, if you have the native Let's Encrypt client installed.

when is the tenative release date for this?