How to change the default NGINX and FPM configuration?


I want to change the template for new servers on NGINX and PHP-FPM. I have changed the Nginx Config to sites work on PHP-FPM in Socket files, but when a new site is created, the pool continues listening on PORT, not in SOCK file like I want.

And other detail is about the template for NGINX configurate, for new servers, I want to make some changes in the default template.

Where I would to go?

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We intentionally don't support socket files anymore, because the permissions issues around them are too difficult to resolve.

I understand, but why don't just remove that option on Nginx Configuration?

And I never had any problem with sock files when using RealGecko plugin, but If you are telling me that is a problem...I will try to keep using listening on port.

And about the default configuration? Where I can change the template for Nginx and PHP-FPM? What file I have to change?

Good point, I will remove the "socket files" option.

Thanks! And what about the how change the default confiration template for nginx and php-fpm?

This can be done to a limited degree - you can add directives, but not change those Virtualmin creates (because they are created programatically). This can be customized at System Settings -> Features and Plugins -> Config (next to Nginx).

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