Creating a DNS Entry for a Domain not being hosted on Cloudminserver

Well, let's say, i have the domain running on a different server and now want to run a subdomain of as a docker container in cloudmin ( so to speak). What do i have to do, in order to be able to select on my cloudmin pro system? Moving to cloudmin server is not intended, runs together with other websites, where i also want to utilize a subdomain with cloudmin pro on docker as well, so this would be more a generic solution i am looking for.

I have access to's DNS records and can create my subdomains by myself, am a little bit stuck here, because i do not want to break anything.




Can you first try creating the docker container using Cloudmin, and then adding a DNS entry to the domain with the external IP address of the container?

Unfortunately i only have one public IP for the cloudminserver and need to have several containers to run those solutions. Also, as already mentionened in another issue, the automatic creation of the networking bridge did not work by using either Cloudmin GPL or Cloudmin Pro with either Ubuntu 16.04 or 18.04 or Debian 9 or CENT OS 7.3 or 7.4.

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Ok, with only one public IP this may be tricky. What are you trying to achieve overall?

i have a quadcore server with 32gb RAM and 2 3TB Raid 1 disks and wanted to check out various software packages for evaluation. Since almost any of them are also packaged as docker images, i thought, this might be easier to work on than to install debian / ubuntu over and over in order to get this done. Also, if i find a package which suits me, i would continue to run it on that server.

Am looking into: supportsystem for ticketing like zammad, otrs, request tracker and the like, in electronic document management like nuxeo, mayan etc. This server should in the end run the supporting software mentioned above on own subdomains like (main domain not on cloudmin server) and (main domain not on cloudminserver)

Probably also joplin on (also comes as docker). I could also try to use something like kvm, but that won't solve the domain problem on the other hand.

What i didn't dare to think of is putting cloudmin on a server, and also virtualmin, and move the main domains xyz, zyx and yxz to the cloudminserver. This would break my strategy to have 4 servers just running virtualmin and all websites on them and one or two just having cloudmin on them for virtulization.

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Over the next weekend, i'd try the virtualmin-virtualserver-moving-to-cloudmin-and-try-to-be-able-to-create-that-subodmains-for-use-in-docker-approach, to find out, whether this would help. Does it make sense to you and what would i have to do in order to make this happen? Any pitfalls to avoid in the first place? Thanks and best j_m

BTW, have to upgrade a piece of software, and i need three different Elastic Search versions, so it would be easy to have three containers with debian and different Elasticsearch instances to achieve the upgrade. And to deactivate them, if i don't need them for a while. This is kinda urgent, so i would appreciate, if we can move on.

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In the meanwhile i rented an extra virtual cloud server to start evaluation, but that's not the way it was intended, instead of running a container and throw it away afterwards, i now have to build everything up from scratch.

So please, let's move on,

Well, no updates for that period of time, i am still running against the wall; so if you are able to help, i'd really appreciate it.

Thanks and best j_m

For your original question - you should be able to create the domain on your Cloudmin system, and on the DNS host for add NS records that point to your Cloudmin server.