Migrating websites from separate server that has Plesk

I'd like to migrate my websites from one server that has Plesk, to my new server on which I've installed Virtualmin. I've read that I can create a Plesk backup and import that to Virtualmin when migrating on the same server, but will that still work if it's a different/separate server?



Howdy -- thanks for contacting us!

We'd actually recommend it being a different server, it likely wouldn't work well to put Virtualmin on a Plesk server.

Our recommendation would be to install Virtualmin on it's own separate server, and then import the Plesk backups there.

I've just tried and I received the following error:

Validating migration file .. .. validation failed : Not a Plesk 9, 10 or 11 backup file : Unknown compression format

The file compression format is .TAR

It sounds like it's expecting the files to be compressed. While it should be able to detect it not being compressed at all, we wouldn't want you to hold off your migration while we code in that feature.

What you may want to do in the meantime, is compress your backup files with gzip.

You can do that by running the command "gzip backup_file.tar".

That will rename it to "backup_file.tar.gz", and should allow the migration to continue. Let us know if that does the trick!

The backup upload is still failing. Now with a different message:

Validating migration file .. .. validation failed : Not a Plesk 9, 10 or 11 backup file : Un-archive command failed :

Hmm, just to verify, what is the exact filename now?

And what output do you receive when running these two commands:

tar tzf filename file filename


I haven't tried those commands yet, but I tried running it one more time while watching it to make sure my monitor didn't go to sleep and I got a different message this time:

Validating migration file .. .. validation failed : XML::Simple Perl module is not installed

So I'm going to find that module and try it again.

After adding the necessary XML Modules, I was able to get further in the migration. Buuut...

Now I'm getting the message "Validating migration file .. .. validation failed : Could not work out default domain."

and when I specify one of the 10 domains that should be in the backup (specifically the one that would appear when one of the others' DNS info hasn't updated yet), I get the message "No virtual servers have been created."

Would it be possible for us to take a look at the backup file you're trying to migrate? Most likely Virtualmin isn't parsing the Plesk backup format properly.

Sure, to what email should I send it? It's more than 8 MB (it's 4.79 GB), so I won't be able to attach it and I wouldn't want it on a public issue ticket anyway.

It probably wouldn't be possible to email it anywhere.

Would it be possible to provide us a link to it? What we could do is mark your request here as private.

Another option, is that if you're just getting started with this server, we could always log into this server to review what's going on with that.

Hello, How do you install "XML::Simple Perl" module in Webmin? I'm getting the error below when trying to upload a backup from Plesk 12. "Validating migration file .. .. validation failed : XML::Simple Perl module is not installed"

Simplest way is to go to Webmin -> Others -> Perl Modules, and install it there.

Note that on Ubuntu, that module is also available as an Ubuntu .deb package. You could install it with this command:

apt-get install libxml-simple-perl