Webmin not sending Disk Space Monitor Notification

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#1 Fri, 04/13/2018 - 03:03

Webmin not sending Disk Space Monitor Notification

Hello, I freshly installed Webmin and I'm new to Webmin. I want to send email notifications when, say the disk space reaches a certain threshold. So I went to Webmin -> Webmin Configuratioin -> Sending Email (/webmin/edit_sendmail.cgi), entered a gmail account, under "Send test message" I entered an email to which the test email should be sent to, clicked on "Send Email" and the test email was successfully delivered. Then I went to Others -> System and Server Status (/status), selected/added a "Disk Space" monitor and checkmarked "Notification methods" "Email". The "Status" column shows a red cross, so the threshold is reached, but unfortunately no email is sent. I can guess there at least should be a textfield where one enters an email address to which an email notification should be sent to, like in the mentioned "Send test message" configuration menu. How to configure so that emails are sent when a certain threshold is reached?

Fri, 04/13/2018 - 07:22

I found it. It's under Others -> System and Server Status (/status) and on the same page the button: "Scheduled Monitoring". Clicking it I set "Scheduled checking enabled?" to "Yes" and under "Email status report to" I entered the email to which the email notifications should be sent to. (I also selected "Send email when" " When a service changes status".) Works.

Thu, 03/28/2019 - 15:15

Hi Alex,

Hope you are doing good. I am having an issue in setting up the email alerts for Webmin. Can you please help me with this ?

I followed these steps in setting up email alerts.

I am trying to set up email alerts from Webmin for Disk Space. I have added Disk Space from the Add monitor of Type.

Next:- In the Scheduled Monitoring, My configs are as follows:- Email status report to:- azeem@xyz.com From: address for email:- admin@xyz.com

But still, I can't able to receive any email alerts. So when I am checking from server:- /var/log/maillog, It is showing:- webmin@hostname: Sender address rejected: Domain not found (in reply to RCPT TO command)) And here (webmin@hostname, the hostname is my server name)

Can anyone please help me in setting up the email alerts. And Postfix is also installed in my server.

Thanks & Regards, Azeem


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