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#1 Sun, 01/07/2018 - 11:30

/ROOT full

Hi Guys

I have a server with several HDD and created a LVM disk. Now I receive a error message at Webmin that my / has only 98 MB free space. Here is a DF -H output:

root@srv01:/# df -h
Dateisystem                     Größe Benutzt Verf. Verw% Eingehängt auf
udev                              59G       0   59G    0% /dev
tmpfs                             12G    138M   12G    2% /run
/dev/mapper/srv01--vg-root        99G     95G  142M  100% /
tmpfs                             60G     12K   60G    1% /dev/shm
tmpfs                            5.0M       0  5.0M    0% /run/lock
tmpfs                             60G       0   60G    0% /sys/fs/cgroup
/dev/mapper/srv01--vg-2TB        1.8T     63G  1.7T    4% /storage/KVM
/dev/sda1                        472M    106M  342M   24% /boot
/dev/mapper/srv01--vg-home       103G     60M   98G    1% /home
/dev/mapper/srv01--vg-PlexMedia  3.6T    2.1T  1.3T   63% /storage/Plex
tmpfs                             12G       0   12G    0% /run/user/1000
/home/dblake/.Private            103G     60M   98G    1% /home/dblake

At the moment I can't see where this space is left. I tried several tricks to clean up space:

apt-get autoremove -purge aptitude autoclean dpkg -l "linux{tools}" |grep ^.i

But still there is no space left. As I use this server also as Plex Media Server I'm not able to stream now. (All films are located at a own HDD /storage/Plex)

Anybody has some tips for me?

Thanks Dominique

Sun, 01/07/2018 - 14:19
Joe's picture

You just need to chase down where the space has gone and fix it. No magic bullet for this.

Use du to spelunk into it and figure it out. I usually use this incantation:

# du -xh --max-depth=2

-x tells du to not cross onto other filesystems (so you're only checking /), and -h is just a convenience to get the sizes in human readable format. --max-depth is how many directories to dig down into. I start with 2, because otherwise I end up with too much noise. You may need to cd into your biggest directories and do a more specific search.

95G is obviously not just packages; there's some kind of non-system files or logs or something that are huge. I'd suspect a runaway log, or maybe root email (receiving some sort of system notification, probably indicating some sort of misconfiguration).


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Mon, 01/08/2018 - 00:41

Hi Joe

Thanks for this explanation - the problem is that I can see that there are many directories which includes many files .. but in summary there are only 32GB if I read the output correctly:

14M     ./usr/sbin
395M    ./usr/share
330M    ./usr/bin
27M     ./usr/include
4.0K    ./usr/games
11M     ./usr/local
633M    ./usr/lib
242M    ./usr/src
1.7G    ./usr
14M     ./sbin
121M    ./var/cache
4.0K    ./var/opt
19M     ./var/webmin
21M     ./var/log
4.0K    ./var/snap
4.0K    ./var/local
30G     ./var/lib
28K     ./var/spool
1.9M    ./var/backups
4.0K    ./var/mail
12K     ./var/tmp
4.0K    ./var/crash
30G     ./var
4.0K    ./srv
16M     ./bin
4.0K    ./opt
4.0K    ./storage
4.0K    ./snap
9.9M    ./lib/systemd
16K     ./lib/hdparm
12K     ./lib/ifupdown
52K     ./lib/recovery-mode
13M     ./lib/udev
60K     ./lib/crda
28K     ./lib/ufw
25M     ./lib/x86_64-linux-gnu
208K    ./lib/terminfo
16K     ./lib/init
16K     ./lib/bridge-utils
199M    ./lib/firmware
20K     ./lib/apparmor
418M    ./lib/modules
36K     ./lib/open-iscsi
8.0K    ./lib/modules-load.d
104K    ./lib/cryptsetup
40K     ./lib/lsb
24K     ./lib/security
1.3M    ./lib/xtables
16K     ./lib/modprobe.d
16K     ./lib/resolvconf
665M    ./lib
4.0K    ./mnt/kvm-srv02.blaho.local
8.0K    ./mnt
4.0K    ./lib64
80K     ./etc/dbus-1
8.0K    ./etc/calendar
56K     ./etc/fonts
8.0K    ./etc/python
12K     ./etc/groff
8.0K    ./etc/cron.monthly
328K    ./etc/init.d
80K     ./etc/grub.d
112K    ./etc/apt
16K     ./etc/update-manager
344K    ./etc/ssh
84K     ./etc/systemd
40K     ./etc/bash_completion.d
8.0K    ./etc/rc1.d
16K     ./etc/xdg
8.0K    ./etc/sudoers.d
56K     ./etc/cron.daily
1.1M    ./etc/apparmor.d
20K     ./etc/cron.weekly
100K    ./etc/pam.d
12K     ./etc/kbd
8.0K    ./etc/rc3.d
44K     ./etc/dhcp
20K     ./etc/profile.d
16K     ./etc/udev
16K     ./etc/acpi
4.0K    ./etc/opt
3.8M    ./etc/webmin
12K     ./etc/vim
4.0K    ./etc/insserv.conf.d
4.0K    ./etc/tmpfiles.d
20K     ./etc/xml
28K     ./etc/X11
12K     ./etc/byobu
60K     ./etc/ufw
12K     ./etc/emacs
16K     ./etc/skel
80K     ./etc/redis
20K     ./etc/apport
8.0K    ./etc/pulse
8.0K    ./etc/python2.7
44K     ./etc/sysctl.d
4.0K    ./etc/pki
28K     ./etc/ppp
4.0K    ./etc/sensors.d
8.0K    ./etc/rc6.d
20K     ./etc/iscsi
8.0K    ./etc/ldap
8.0K    ./etc/terminfo
72K     ./etc/initramfs-tools
4.0K    ./etc/request-key.d
132K    ./etc/default
28K     ./etc/perl
8.0K    ./etc/sgml
36K     ./etc/logcheck
168K    ./etc/init
12K     ./etc/apm
8.0K    ./etc/python3
148K    ./etc/console-setup
12K     ./etc/libnl-3
8.0K    ./etc/depmod.d
8.0K    ./etc/python3.5
20K     ./etc/apparmor
108K    ./etc/network
8.0K    ./etc/rc5.d
604K    ./etc/lvm
12K     ./etc/rsyslog.d
8.0K    ./etc/cron.hourly
84K     ./etc/vmware-tools
4.0K    ./etc/binfmt.d
8.0K    ./etc/ca-certificates
8.0K    ./etc/selinux
12K     ./etc/gss
8.0K    ./etc/rc2.d
4.0K    ./etc/modules-load.d
8.0K    ./etc/rc0.d
740K    ./etc/ssl
8.0K    ./etc/rc4.d
16K     ./etc/pm
8.0K    ./etc/newt
8.0K    ./etc/alternatives
36K     ./etc/logrotate.d
16K     ./etc/ld.so.conf.d
4.0K    ./etc/update-notifier
56K     ./etc/kernel
32K     ./etc/update-motd.d
48K     ./etc/security
44K     ./etc/modprobe.d
28K     ./etc/resolvconf
8.0K    ./etc/mdadm
36K     ./etc/iproute2
60K     ./etc/bind
16K     ./etc/cron.d
48K     ./etc/polkit-1
36K     ./etc/dpkg
8.0K    ./etc/rcS.d
8.0K    ./etc/insserv
9.9M    ./etc
4.0K    ./media/cdrom
8.0K    ./media
12K     ./root/.ssh
28K     ./root/.gnupg
4.0K    ./root/.filemin
68K     ./root
4.0K    ./tmp/.Test-unix
4.0K    ./tmp/.ICE-unix
4.0K    ./tmp/.font-unix
20K     ./tmp/.webmin
4.0K    ./tmp/.X11-unix
4.0K    ./tmp/pms-0f81cb66-ba54-409e-9626-9dd49802f6da
4.0K    ./tmp/.XIM-unix
68K     ./tmp
16K     ./lost+found
32G     .

Also changing from max-depth=2 to 4 doesn't show me any larger files ...

Best Regards Dominique

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