WHMCS wont provision virtualmin virtual servers

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#1 Thu, 09/21/2017 - 02:35

WHMCS wont provision virtualmin virtual servers

Hi guys, I have installed whmcs on a virtualmin virtual server. It appears to be functioning ok in that i can manually go in to the whmcs interface and configure it. However, i cannot manually provision or automatically provision any products and services through whmcs.

I am only using a single googe cloud instance with a virtualmin gpl license to achieve all of what follows...(dns is from my domain registrar using A records)...i have not configured any dns inside webmin or virtualmin. My aim would be for any virtual servers created to do the same at their own registrars using an a record too.

After repeatedly trying i now cannot log into my whmcs admin area either, i am getting an error essentially saying that my https://mydomain.com/admin url to log into whmcs is wrong (which is totally false).

I am now very confused in that i am not sure that i have actually gone about this the right way in the first place when i first installed whmcs using a virtualmin script. If i use a virtualmin script, then first i have to create a virtual server to run the script. Now this virtual server is no longer the parent webmin system, but rather, a whmcs account on the webmin system. If i then use whmcs to attempt to provision new services i get the feeling that its not working because whmcs is trying to control the parent server when whmcs itself is only a virtual account on that webmin server.

Would this mean that for whmcs to be able to provision anything, the products and services it is trying to deploy apply to the whmcs virtual server itself rather than the main webmin machine?

does the above make sense?

Is there a guide somewhere that explains step by step how to configure whmcs to work on a single virtualmin system (ie everything is on a single Google Cloud Webmin/virtualmin instance). I am not using a second server...whmcs is also installed as a "vifrtual server/client" on the webmin server that i intend to have whmcs automatically provision products and services that clients purchase from me. I realise that this may not be the most secure option, but for now its a money thing.

Fri, 09/22/2017 - 09:37

On the single server serup... not sure I understand your issue but it should work. WHMCS works on single system, no issues. It just needs root/admin login details for the server it self. It doesn’t matter what other domains are already setup in virtualmin. It will just add to it. Did you setup the login details for the server provisioning in WHMCS?

Example. My setup...

sva.domain.com - used when installing virtualmin.

domain.com - manually setup in virtualmin - for my hosting site/WHMCS install

Install WHMCS under domain.com

WHMCS then adds virtual servers as needed, and not as subservers to domain.com, but as root/main servers.

Also, doesn’t matter what domain WHMCS is installed under. If it has login details for the main server, it will provision new domains no problem. WHMCS can be running on server-a and provision domains to server-a,b,c,d,e,... to infinity. As long as WHMCS has login details for each server. So 1 server is no issue.

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