Moving domain from webmin to virtualmin

Hi, I have a problem, I installed webmin in my server and I add a website, however I only knew about virtualmin after doing this and I installed virtualmin after adding the website, is there a way to add my website to virtualmin being it in webmin?




Howdy -- thanks for purchasing a support incident!

If you look in Add Server -> Import Virtual Server, that may do what you're after.

That allows you to import an existing domain/website into Virtualmin.

Let us know if you have any questions regarding that!

Howdy, I imported the domain, but gave me one error when I tried to add the domain to my virtualmin, after adding the server.

Failed to create virtual server : The DNS domain is already hosted by your DNS server

Just to clarify, are you saying it fully imported the domain without an error... but at some point after it was imported, you received that error?

If that's the case, what were you attempting to do when you received that error?

After I imported the domain, it was not available in the list of domains (as in the domain does not appear me as a domain in the list like the others I have), so I clicked the option "add server" and it gave me that error. (I tried doing it once before doing the import and it also gave me the same error.)

I think I may have added the domain to webmin the wrong way? Is there a way to "repair" the installation?


Ah, I think I understand.

Yeah if you were to try and use the "Create Virtual Server" option, that won't work since the domain is already on your server.

If the domain doesn't show up in Virtualmin's list of domains, that imply's that the import didn't work properly.

Can you try importing the domain again -- and after filing out the details in the import screen, can you take a screenshot of that screen and share that with us (either attach it here, or provide a link to the image)?

Secondly, after taking that screenshot, can you then re-attempt the import, and copy and paste any output you receive into the request here?

We'll use that information to try and determine what's going on.


Hi I think I got it working. I put my data again and now seems to be working. Then later I edited the server, here's the pastebin:

Is it working fine?

Also here it is the print before importing:

Seems all to be ok now. I will do some testing in a few hours and I will give you feedback later.

Thank you so much!

Hi, something is not right, I tried to upload a small text file with the upload and download feature of webmin.

But it doesn't seem to be working, there seems to be something wrong with the importing.

Can you help me?


The output you received when importing does indeed look good!

When uploading the "example.txt" file, does the output you receive appear to indicate that it worked okay?

Also, what directory is it being uploaded into?

Yes, I checked and the file is in the right dir, the file is being uploaded to the dir "carlos.yat" that is the dir I defined as a dir for the website, the domain is also pointing to the right ip, I'm just afraid that somehow the domain is not pointing to the right directory, I have a similar problem with another domain in the same server.

Edit: I tried inside and outside the public html dir and it doesn't work at all.

Hmm, let's try this just to see if we can find that file -- what is the output of this command:

find / -type f -name example.txt

That may take a few minutes to run, but that should show if it was uploaded anywhere, and if so, where it is exactly.

I did directly on virtualmin (I open the command line)

After 5 seconds here is the output:

[root@ns3009614 ~]# find / -type f -name example.txt




[root@ns3009614 ~]#

As you see I made 3 copies of that file on 3 different directories, and it didn't work.

Okay, the next question will be to determine where the DocumentRoot is for that particular domain.

I'll offer that Virtualmin by default makes the DocumentRoot in /home/USERNAME/public_html, but in your case it may be in a different location.

Which domain is "carlos.yat" the owner of, is that the domain? And if so, can you paste in the contents of the Apache config for that domain? That would typically be in /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/

When you ran the "find" command above, it found 3 versions of example.txt.

Two of those versions were in the home directories for the users animu and carlos.yat.

The home directories are not part of the website, only the public_html folder is.

However, with the carlos.yat user, there was a version of example.txt in the public_html folder -- and I'm able to see that in my web browser here:

Is that working for you now as well?

Yes, now I see what the problem is I shouldn't put the www. Thanks!