upgrade php and mysql

Upgrade to PHP 5.6 or higher immediately. Version 5.4.16 is no longer supported. We recommend using MySQL 5.6 or higher. Version 5.5.52-MariaDB will not support all upcoming Vanilla features.

Please advise how we can fix these issues



Howdy -- the version of PHP and MySQL/MariaDB you're using come with your distro.

There's a supported way to install a second PHP version, which can be accomplished using these instructions here:


Unfortunately, we don't have a supported way to upgrade MySQL/MariaDB. That said, some people have had success installing or upgrading MySQL/MariaDB from third party repos, but that can be a tricky process, and we generally recommend against it.

The alternative we'd suggest is to use a disro that provides the software versions you need... sometimes that means needing to migrate to a different server running a different distro in order to get access to the dependencies you need.

which distro you advice

It all depends on what you need -- if you're able to get by with just installing a second PHP version, and not changing out MySQL/MariaDB, then CentOS 7 should work great.

What software is it that has those requirements?