Creating a virtual server hangs at "Re-starting Webmin .."

I created a new virtual server in the usual with no special attributes and when i click create it hangs "Re-starting Webmin .." with the spinning circle in the corner (authentic theme) and never completes, if I browse to a different page I end up with a half created site that I have to manually remove from all the configuration files.

Setting Up Virtual Server
Creating administration group disabilityrightsmd .. .. done Creating administration user disabilityrightsmd .. .. done

Creating aliases for administration user .. .. done

Adding administration user to groups .. .. done

Creating home directory .. .. done

Creating mailbox for administration user .. .. done

Adding new virtual website .. .. done

Adding webserver user www-data to server's group .. .. done

Performing other Apache configuration .. .. done

Setting up scheduled Webalizer reporting .. .. done

Creating SSL certificate and private key .. .. done

Adding new SSL virtual website .. .. done

Setting up log file rotation .. .. done

Creating MySQL login .. .. done

Creating MySQL database disabilityrightsmd .. .. done

Setting up AWstats reporting .. .. done

Setting up password protection for AWstats .. .. done

Adding analytics tracking to website configuration .. .. done

Creating Webmin user .. .. done

Applying web server configuration .. .. done

Re-starting Webmin ..



If I manually restart webmin at the command line during the hang everything seems to be OK

also hangs deleting a virtualserver

Deleting mail aliases .. .. done Deleting AWstats configuration file and Cron job .. .. done

Removing password protection for AWstats .. .. done

Removing analytics tracking from website configuration .. .. done

Deleting Webmin login .. .. done

Deleting MySQL database disabilityrightsmd .. .. done

Deleting MySQL login .. .. done

Disabling log file rotation .. .. done

Deleting SSL virtual website .. .. done

Deleting scheduled Webalizer reporting ..

Just to be clear, all these functions work from the command line.

Looks like the restart is terminating itself.

Are you using Apache or Nginx there? Also, are you accessing Virtualmin directly or via a proxy?

Apache and i am not sure how to answer your question. I have root access to the virtualmin server, we own it

I just tried to backup on one server and restore on another, it goes through everything and hangs when its get to restarting virtualmin. I have to manually remove all traces of the virtual server as it created all the folders and configs.

What would cause this hang?

Just retried removed all users, groups, folders, configs and config entries so there was no trace (including passwords and sql databases and users) manually

uploaded backup restored backup hangs at restarting.

It recreated all the configs, folders, databases, etc. but never finishes restarting restarted via 'service webmin stop' 'service webmin start'

server not showing in 'virtualmin list-domains' all configs seem to be in place. something is not getting created properly

server shows in apache so i know its there

this is a critical issue please assist

also just noticed that public_html is empty

I will be doing a reboot tonight to see if I can resolve the issue, i will report i the morning

After rebooting the server the restore worked. I wish i knew the cause of the issue though

I found the cause of this issue It is caused when webmin can not get a lock on the password or group files like /etc /passwd /etc/group /etc/shadow and /etc/gshadow

Just thought you would want to know

Yes, that could happen. If a file like /etc/passwd.lock exists, it should contain the PID of the process that took the lock.

I would suggest adding a check for that with an error message BEFORE server creation as it makes a mess of things if it happens at the end.

/etc/shadow /etc/passwd /etc/gshadow /etc/group

Those are the ones that need to be checked

Actually, the locks on those files should be taken much earlier in the process - at the time the Unix user is being created.

Which processes's IDs were in those .lock files?