Unable to install in Centos 5.11

Unable to find repodata for Centos 5. It was there 2 weeks ago but now it is not finding the xml file for this repository.

Please help.




Howdy -- thanks for contacting us!

Unfortunately, CentOS 5 reached it's end of life back in March. It's no longer supported by CentOS or by us. There's details on that here:


Our recommendation is to migrate to an active and supported distribution, including CentOS 6 or 7.

Thanks for the information, however, 2 weeks ago it was working! Can you upload the repodata.xml file again?

I have a server which is a lot of work to migrate right now.


Hi Andrey

I see that all the files for the old Centos5 are still in your servers, the only thing missing is the repodata.xml file, please do not leave us hanging I understand you will not support it anymore but for the rest of us still relaying on this version it is very important.

I am not asking for support or help about how to do something with Centos5 I know I will be on my own with an unsupported version, please help!


Sorry we can't in good conscience continue to support a distro that has reached it's end of life.

I would expect to see the CentOS 5 directory itself removed soon too.

All that said -- it's unlikely you need anything from that directory.

The majority of the Virtuamin updates come from the Universal repo, not that particular repo.

What you might consider doing is editing your /etc/yum.repos.d/virtuamin.repo file, and disable the "virtualmin" repo -- keeping the virtualmin-universal" repo.

Thanks for your answer, however the problem is that I need to migrate my production server to a new one because of a space problem. What I am trying to accomplish is to install virtualmin on this server so I do not have a chance to modify/create a repo file, it is created/modified everytime I run the ./install file.

I do not care if afterwards I get updates or not I am perfectly fine working with the Centos5-Virtualmin environment I currently have.

As I said, the problem is to setup this new server that has to run on Centos 5.

Please help me out.


The trouble is that we've recently had to change out our own server that hosts the software repository, as the old one's hard drive is corrupted. That's why it worked before, but not now.

The old server will still be available for a short time (a few days).

But I'd like to be super clear about a few things :-)

We'd highly recommend migrating to anything other than CentOS 5, as CentOS 5 is not receiving security updates. CentOS doesn't support it, and we don't support it.

Our CentOS 5 repo will be disappearing forever very shortly, and it's already not receiving updates.

Also note that we're planning Virtualmin updates that won't work with the Perl version included in CentOS 5 either (meaning that it won't be possible to manually update Virtualmin either.

And the one last thing, is that the drives on the old server are indeed dying, so although the plan is to keep it online for a few more days, it really could die at any moment.

If none of that discourages you, you can add the following to your server's /etc/hosts file to get it to look at the old server rather than the new one: software.virtualmin.com

Once you do that, you should be able to perform an install with the install.sh file, and it should pull down all the files from the old server rather than this new one.