Joomla Updates not reading..

Joomla has come out with an update like they do from time to time. This time I went into each site and updated them from inside each site. The issue is Script Installers does not know.. All the site are now Joomla 3.7.4 and the installed is still saying 3.7.3

I did have 3 site I could not get into the back of so I used the install unsupported script and it shows 3.7.4 and "newer than latest" but the other that were updated from the joomla control panel are not showing correct..

Thanks Don



Odd, in my test systems I was able to upgrade from 3.7.3 and 3.7.4 with no problems.

Where exactly are you seeing the old version number?

If I look at the "script Installer" tab and under "Script Summary" , I know I updated over 30 sites from /administrator into the and doing a 'Joomla Update' and it is not showing them... If you need send me your IP and I will get you access to the server and a couple of the joomla site.. Don