virtual servers with unique IP addresses all pointing to same root

Running Centos 6.9 / Apache 2.2.15 / Virtualmin 5.99 / PHP 5.5

I want to use Virtualmin to create 6 virtual servers (sub-servers, aliases, whatever) each with its own domain (,, ...) and each with its own unique IP address but all pointing to the same web root (and in the same account, e.g. /home/myaccount/ ).

  • the purpose of the same web root is to use the same Magento installation
  • the purpose of the unique IPs is to modularize SSL certificate assignment and avoid SEO downgrades
  • I make this work by using mod_rewrite and index.php code to take care of customizing the operation of the single Magento instance

I'm pretty sure this is straight-forward if I were manually messing with the httpd.conf but for maintenance purposes I prefer using (the lovely) Virtualmin.

A compromise solution where I can create the virtual servers (sub-servers, aliases, whatever) with Virtualmin but then reassign the web root manually is acceptable.

Please advise.




Right now, there isn't any easy way of doing this - Virtualmin does support alias domains, but all aliases have to share a single SSL certificate due to the way Apache works. The best you could do is have a single cert that matches all the domain names, and have an alias for each domain pointing to the main website.