Web logs are included in backups even though "Include log files" is unchecked

There seems to be some problem with /usr/libexec/webmin/virtual-server/feature-web.pl in sub backup_web.

If I replace:




backup works as expected and virtualhost web/error logs are not in included in the backup. My virtualhost logs are outside home directory.

This is my backup config:

file=/etc/webmin/virtual-server/backups/149599748319450 kill=0 key= mins=41 onebyone= increment=0 email=root special= id=149599748319450 plan= strftime= before= enabled=2 email_doms= hours=23 parent=1 feature_all=0 interval= email_err= months=* dest=/d1/backup/local/virtualmin errors=0 all=1 after= purge= fmt=1 features=virtualmin unix dns mail web webalizer ssl logrotate ftp spam webmin virtualmin-awstats virtualmin-dav days=* doms= mkdir= weekdays=* exclude= backup_opts_dir=dirnologs=1,dirnohomes=1



This works OK on my test system. Is the backup being done on schedule, or via the UI, or from the command line?