Cancel Cloudmin licence (Serial # 5566362)

Dear Support Team

I am here to request you to kindly cancel my Cloudmin Pro License (Serial # 5566362) and refund the amount. I will continue to use the GPL edition though. Its 2nd time I installed the license and I get stuck with something or other.

This time, even after installing license, "Cloudmin Settings" menu continue to show "Upgrade to Cloudmin Pro". I tried multiple times and the menu doesn't disappear. Later I realised that I can see some additional settings which are not part of GPL. But Even with Pro license, I am unable to manage multiple KVM hosts. There is no option appearing to add KVM hosts. Unless I am able to add multiple host, I cannot move around the VM's to different host.

Kindly proceed with cancellation and refund.

Regards Manish Gupta



Howdy -- no problem!

I've cancelled your order, and refunded your payment.

Thanks for giving Cloudmin a try!