Amazon S3 backup config issue

I'm sure that this is simple, but I can't see what I'm doing wrong.

I'm trying to setup a new S3 backup regime on our newest Virtualmin/Webmin server. I go into my Amazon account and generate a new IAM user and get the Access key ID and the Secret access key and duly copy and paste them into the respective fields in the 'Edit Cloud Provider' page off Virtualmin -> Backup and Restore -> Cloud Storage Providers. The problem is that the system prompts for an Amazon destination server name and with Amazon IAM, you don't have to provide a region and therefore I can't see how I can specify a server. If I leave the field blank, then I get 'Missing or invalid S3 authentication key', but I have no idea how to get round this!

Please help! Thanks.



Howdy -- can you paste in the exact question that's asking you about a destination server name?

I don't believe that should be something you need to fill out, so long as you're using S3 and not an alternative (compatible) service.

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Hi Eric, Screenshot attached. The only thing that I think I could possibly do differently is to click on the radio button next to 'Use Amazon S3' but then I don't know what server name to input.



Yeah you do need to enter the login info like you did, but you shouldn't need a hostname there.

That field is "S3-Compatible Server Hostname" -- you would leave that set to "Use Amazon S3" as it is now anytime you're using S3.

Are you saying when it's set the way it is though, that you're receiving an error message?

I wasn't able to reproduce a problem doing that, but does it by chance work if you're using the Authentic Theme?

Hmm. Thanks for this. I 'm afraid that I find that line with the radio buttons confusing because it looks as if the right radio button is next to the 'Use Amazon S3' option and the empty field on the right seems to suggest that you need to key in the server. Anyway, be that as it may, what's happening is that when I click on the Save button (with the input as I have it in that screenshot), I get the error message 'Missing or invalid S3 authentication key' on the next page.

I have gone to Webmin ->Webmin Configuration -> Webmin Themes, and it is showing me that the Current Theme is the Authentic Theme, so I'm a little confused by your final sentence. Are you asking me to change it away from the Authentic Theme? Please clarify. Thanks.

Most people only ever need to add two things to that screen.

Under S3 Login is two fields, "Access Key" and "Secret Key". You'd definitely need to enter those -- and that's probably all you have to change.

Under that is another option, "S3 Compatible server hostname".

That option is set to "Use Amazon S3" by default, and is what most people would want. You shouldn't have to change that.

When leaving that as "Use Amazon S3", what happens when clicking the "Save" button?

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Hi Eric, The screen refreshes and I get the error message - please see Screenshot3.jpg - uploaded with this post. I have deleted and recreated the Amazon User and input the new Access Key and Secret Key but I still get the error. I am slightly surprised that I don't have to enter the Amazon Username anywhere, but I suppose it works that out from the Access Key.

Can you post what you're entering for the S3 authentication key? Or just make sure there are no spaces at the start or end ... that's what usually triggers this error.

I generated a new Access Key and Secret Key and copy and pasted them into Virtualmin. This time I didn't get the error message, so it was obviously some kind of finger trouble and so I can only apologise for wasting your time, however, although the access credentials didn't give rise to the error message, there was no indication that the data had been stored successfully either.

The display returned to the list of Cloud Storage Providers which showed that the Amazon S3 provider is 'Not yet configured'. Sorry but I'm now unsure what I need to do to configure it, or where, because if I click on it from the list of providers the user is not shown and I am simply provided with the screen to input a fresh set of user details so I am not clear whether the user is not being saved or whether I have to do additional configuration elsewhere. Thanks in advance.

Did the page at least refresh when you submitted the form to add an S3 account?