SSL certifcate for wordpress mutlisite


I am trying to setup wordpress MU and i want to be able to issue encrpt SSL certificate for the MU sites, is it possible to automate this? Rest of the setting for MU is all done and setup is working fine..

Thanks, Rohit



Howdy -- you can indeed use Let's Encrypt SSL certificates for your various WordPress sites.

Can you clarify what it is you'd like to automate though?

How would you like it to work?

ok so lets say i have a domain and i install wordpress MU with it.
I then issue a SSL certificate to it from Encrypt. all fine till here..

Now i enable MU sites for wordpress and do the relevant config on the virtualmin side, so all new domains created via the MU, ex> would need the SSL certificates too.. How can i add the to the earlier SSL certificate so that the new subdomain is included ?

Ah, yeah you would need to go into Server Configuration -> Manage SSL Certificates -> Let's Encrypt, and add the new domain name to the field there, then request a new SSL certificate.

I don't believe that there'd be a simple way to automate that.

I had wondered if maybe there was a way you could write a script to handle it, but I don't see Let's Encrypt SSL certificates as an option in the command line API, unfortunately.