SMTP problem with SSL certificate


recently I got installed SSL certificate on my domain but then I simply cannot send emails via roudncube. I can loggin and receive emails but I cannot send. When I try to send I get error (-1) - cannot connect to SMTP.

This is what I got from server guy who is working on the issue

Well, after few hours of literally f** with virtualmin, I got something but almost nothing. I found out that this problem is related to SSL installation. When I applied SSL to the domain it modified Postfix config file to the version which is simply not working. There were multiple records created in the config file which were conflicting with each other - creating multiple smtp connections. I removed extra one, postfix started, but I still see this error when try to send email.

I will continue checking tomorrow, but I think it may be faster to ask virtualmin support to help, unless it magically resolves (check on your end?). I just cannot understand what a sort of software this is which can be screwed with 3 clicks SSL installation.



Can you tell us what line you had to remove from which file to get Postfix working? If Virtualmin is adding clashing config entries, that's definitely a bug.

Hello, Jamie. Its a guy who manage the server.

Before SSL install everything was working fine with emails. I must say that I installed SSL like several times, switching between Lets encrypt, Comodo, and Self-signed (SSL for some reason did not work (cipher error), so I re-install it several times, then discovered this was due to cloudflare). After SSL install client reported emails to stop working with SMTP error mentioned above.

After some time of digging I found two lines in which i believe created 2 connections to smtp causing a conflict.

smtp inet n - - - - smtpd -o smtpd_sasl_auth_enable=yes

IP:smtp inet n - - - 1 postscreen

With this setup it did not work. Postfix failed with fatal error "address in use IP port 25". Commenting out first line made it work. But for some reason roundcube still cannot connect to SMTP to send email.

Here is another confirmation of possible bug:

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When RoundCube attempts to connect, are you seeing any errors or messages in /var/log/mail.log?

Also, do you happen to have an email client such as Outlook or Thunderbird setup? If so, are those still working?

Do you know where that IP:smtp inet n - - - 1 postscreen line came from? Virtualmin doesn't ever add that, and if it's later in the file I would suspect it as the cause of the problem.