Importing mail/tickets into WHMCS

No matter what I try I cannot get emails to open tickets in WHMCS Has anyone come up with a definitive way of doing this in virtualmin, I have tried the forward mail in usermin but that doesnt work nor any other sugestions from around the web

WHMCS 7 Centos 7 PHP 7




Howdy -- I'm unfortunately not too familiar with how email in WHMCS works.

What you may want to do is ask WHMCS support for assistance -- and if they explain what it is that needs to happen, and you aren't sure how to do that -- we can certainly assist you at that point.

they are supposed to be piped into WHMCS but as far as I can tell this is a user name problem as in " | php -q /home/ehostz/admin/pipe.php " this always comes back with user unknown

Sorry I'm not really sure what the issue there might be.

I'd suggest contacting WHMCS support, and then we'd be happy to help you implement whatever solution they propose.