on port 20000: login with user or user.domain.tld

Goodday, All of my users can login on https://customerdomain.tld:20000 with their mailbox name, no need to supply the full IMAP- login. These users can also login with their emailaddress. But some users can only login with their full IMAP- login.

I have never changed the format under Servertemplate / Mail for Domain. I have always used the default format.

Is there a way to manually edit a file to correct this for a few users?

Thanks in advance, it is a minor issue, but I really like to correct it.




Howdy -- thanks for contacting us!

Can you offer an example username that is experiencing this problem?

What username are they able to log in with, and what username would you like them to be able to log in with?

for user with imap login = alain.cox.be

  1. https://mail.cox.be:20000 : alain.cox.be / OK

  2. https://mail.cox.be:20000 : alain / NOT OK

  3. https://mail.cox.be:20000 : alain@cox.be / NOT OK

  4. https://srvr21.cox.eu:20000: alain.cox.be / OK

  5. https://srvr21.cox.eu:20000: alain@cox.be / NOT OK

for user with imap login = news.cox.be

  1. https://mail.cox.be:20000 : news.cox.be / OK

  2. https://mail.cox.be:20000 : news / OK

  3. https://mail.cox.be:20000 : news@cox.be / OK

  4. https://srvr21.cox.eu:20000: news.cox.be / OK

  5. https://srvr21.cox.eu:20000: news@cox.be / OK

extra info:

srvr21.cox.eu is a subdomain under cox.eu (TLD = EU)

srvr21.cox.eu has a valid GEO Trust certificate

cox.be is a virtual server (TLD = BE)

mail.cox.be has a selfsigned certificate

Does the user alain have an entry in /etc/postfix/virtual ?

Hi Jamie,

Those entries exist.

I have found the problem: cox.eu was the first virtualserver created. Users under this domain are created as name1.cox, name2.cox (all without .eu). The groupname is cox (without .eu).

The second server I created was cox.be, here users are created under name1.cox.be, name2.cox.be. The groupname is cox.be (all with .be). I remember that - after creating my first virtualserver cox.eu - I changed the Configurable options for Virtualmin Virtual Servers > Domain name style in username > Full domain name.

Alain exists in both groups. When I delete the user Alain under cox.eu the problem is solved for alain.cox.be and alain@cox.be can login just exactly as the user news@cox.be

Now, I would like my first created server cox.eu to use also Domain name style in username > Full domain name. If I change via Webmin > System > Users and Groups the group cox (virtualserver cox.eu) to cox.eu and all the users to userX.cox.eu and if I also edit manually all the entries (for cox.eu) in /etc/postfix/virtual. Which other files do I have to change?

Best regards and thanks. Alain Cox

Jamie... Virtualmin is AMAZING GREAT!

Everything is changed via Virtualmin > Server Configuration > Change Name

A side question: I set up to automatically empty the trash after 1 day for my users. Does this also works when a user's trash is defined "Deleted" (and as a consequense the folder's name is also Deleted)? Does Virtualmin makes an educated guess for possible "trash-folders"? Can you give me maybe the name of the program file that executes this setting?


Sorry, there isn't an automated way to delete trash from all user maillboxes on your system.

You should be able to do it on a per-user basis using Usermin, but there isn't a way to do it globally in Virtualmin.

Oh nuts, we had talked about such an option, but when I looked I didn't see it, so I figured that wasn't in there yet :-)

Sorry about that.

Jamie, how does Virtualmin determine what the Trash folder is for any given domain?

It looks for the first folder whose name is (by default) "trash" in any case.

However, there is an option on the user preferences page to customize this.