uninstalling - will I lose my website?

Hi, I have finished my transition to my new server, but I have left just ONE of the old websites (virtualmin website) on the old server as I need to keep it on that IP address. I would like to remove virtualmin - but the google searching I am doing make is ambiguous as if I will lose my website that I left. I know the removing virtualmin will not uninstall apache, but will it remove the one website I have left?



thanks for that. I"ll look into it. In the mean time, can you please answer my question - will I lose my website if I completely uninstall? thanks.

and maybe I'm going stupid - but I can't find the virtualmin GPL download rpm on that link you gave me - ?? Can you please give me the direct link to the file. thank you.

Sorry for the confusion, I thought I did answer your question above.

I'll paste in the relevant section of the docs though, as it explains it better than I could:

This is a rather haphazard uninstall routine, but it will remove pretty much everything Virtualmin-specific while leaving behind the services that it manages (like Apache and BIND).

Note This will remove Virtualmin related meta-data. This should never be used to allow you to "reinstall" Virtualmin on a production system. If you have Virtualmin running on a production system with accounts, you should not try to install Virtualmin again. If there are any problems with your running installation, let us know and we'll help you fix the problems. However, it can be used to cleanup after a prior failed install--perhaps after we've fixed a bug or something in the installer and you'd like to run it again but run into conflicts (perhaps virtualmin-release is in the way).

That is to say that your website will continue to work, but once you uninstall Virtualmin you'll lose all the metadata that currently exists.

That's only the case with uninstalling Virtualmin altogether though, installing Virtualmin GPL will leave all metadata in place.

Regarding the download links --

The various GPL packages are in the GPL repository, the latest Virtualmin RPM is here: