Basic domain name help

This should be a rather simple problem, that hopefully someone smarter in the community can answer for me.

Currently my domains are handled by, including using their name server to point to my fixed ip address. I have several domains that all point at this IP address, with our gateway forwarding to the web server (running virtualmin) who appropriately points to the correct website directory of course. (all that mentioned because we really are not using the DNS server portion of Virtualmin.)

OK... the "problem" I have three domains with different extensions "" "" and "" The website is set up on "", however I would like virtualmin to forward the .com and .net address to the .org site. All three of those names point to my ip address.

The question: How do I do that - right now my only solution has been to have three different virtualservers... ughh - Yuck

Thanks ahead of time!



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Howdy -- it sounds like you want an alias that forwards to another domain.

How aliases are handled is an option in the Server Templates. By default, they don't do any redirecting, but you can change that behavior.

Take a peek in System Settings -> Server Templates -> Default -> Apache Website, and there, look for the option "Create alias websites by".

You may want to try the "Creating permanent Redirect virtual host" option there.

Note though that you'll need to delete any existing aliases and re-add them in order for that to take effect.

Let us know if you have any questions about how to do that!