Views in BIND and Virtual Server creation

When creating a new virtual server - I have bind setup for views - but the script does not set up in views - it places one entry - so views does not work and I have to go in manually and change things. I changed the .hosts extension to .db - so am doing something wrong in that ?? It does create the domain file as a .hosts file - but the real issue is it only creates one file entry when there are two views of internal and external

BIND will not restart until I manually make the fixes in etc/named.conf and var/named

I saw a few other posts on this - old - so is there a fix on this ??



Check the setting at System Settings -> Server Templates -> Default Settings -> BIND DNS Server, for the view to create new zones in.

I changed the files to .hosts extensions and the "views" show - and BIND recognizes them but the issue is that the script does not create two entries when creating a virtual server AND the singles entry it makes is at the bottom of named.conf OUTSIDE of the " ); " and thus BIND will not restart until manual corrections are made

Ok, but did you change the setting I suggested above which controls which view to create the zone in?