Virtual server admins access to set cron jobs disappeared

A virtual servers admin can't access cron job settings / set up.

I have had a site where the virtual servers admin has been able to access the cron job but now it has disappeared from the menu. I have tried changing the settings in the account plan and server template etc.

This seems to coincide with the latest update to Webmin 5.05 and Authentic 18.31 unless I inadvertently changed something else which caused this.



Howdy -- is that option showing for all Virtual Server owner's aside from that one?

Or are other users experiencing the same issue?


I ran some tests using a prior install of Webmin etc and it is due to upgrade of Authentic theme as now you cannot see the Webmin Modules option in a user account at all. I'm not sure which version this started with as I upgrade from 18.10 to 18.31

I posted a bug report on Authentic Git Hub page.

The cron jobs should still be there in that case -- you should also be able to access all those modules by going into the "Webmin" in the meantime.

For example, cron should be in Webmin -> System -> Scheduled Cron Jobs.

We'll see what Ilia says about providing access to those from within Virtualmin though.


Thanks yes I discussed this with Illia, I didn't realise they had been moved under Webmin tab.