Mautic - marketing automation software


Could you make a script out of this, if possible ?




Howdy -- this is a possibility, though Jamie will need to review it.

Jamie, the install instructions are here:

It looks like a PHP app, and it can be installed by unzipping files into the public_html folder, setting up two cron jobs, and then pointing the user at a post-install wizard.

There's one caveat, masterg0g0 -- and that is that the system requirements say that it needs PHP 5.6.19 or later, and Ubuntu 14.04 only has PHP 5.5.9. So even if we did make this install script, it may not work on your server :-)

Do you happen to have a server available with a newer PHP version?

yeah, i think we have a problem with the php version. lets drop this? since this script was unique from the point of view email marketing.. thought it would be a good addition. i dont want to update the php version on my production servers, may be this is something for later when i have successfully configured multiple php versions in virtualmin, lets stall this request for now.

Hi, I think you can easily get new PHP versions on Ubuntu 14.04 using

I have been using this on my production server for about 6 months now. I dont seem to have any problem. My server runs almost 80 websites.

BTW, nice software. thanks for sharing, was looking into something like this for last few days but didnt get much time to research.

Thanks for the input!

We hadn't done any testing on those packages, but we always appreciating hearing when third party software works for folks.

thanks for the link, will test this out. want to get mautic running.

ok i found some install procedure, if this helps someone in the future.

Have installed and seems to be fine.. advantage is u dont have to change version every where.. just to the virtual server where u want to use 5.6 or 7 PHP versions.

Good, if it makes sense you could still provide the one click installer for Mautic, i will leave with you guys. Not urgent.

Yeah the install procedure is really easy. The tutorial you linked has some steps which aren't needed anymore.

@andreychek I think this can be officially supported. Can you kindly look into this. This ppa can be added to ubuntu installs by install script and install 5.6 & 7.0. This will make it simple for end user to have a OOB support for supported PHP versions.

Hmm, that sort of official support is usually something we reserve for repositories provided by the distribution vendor themselves.

However, it's "in the cards", as they say, to provide documentation that shows how to enable that particular repository and install the packages (similar to what we do with the CentOS SCL repo).

I'll look into that!

I haven't used that repo before -- am I correct that it's designed so that those PHP packages can be run side-by-side with Ubuntu's existing PHP version?

And upon installation, is Virtualmin detecting the new PHP version?

upon installation, is Virtualmin detecting the new PHP version? - Yes

PHP packages can be run side-by-side with Ubuntu's existing PHP version? - Yes The packages are installed along side ubuntu's own PHP. If you install all php versions from that repo you will have 5.5.9(from ubuntu), 5.5.38(ondrej), 5.6.29(ondrej), 7.0.x & 7.1 (fron ondrej). I just install 5.6, 7.0 and 7.1 from that repo. It also provides all extra PHP packages needed like apc, etc

Also the PHP versions are automatically detected on "Re-Check Configuration" .