New Host & Restore Host - MySQL error at create Login

Erzeuge MySQL-Login ..
.. MySQL-Datenbank gescheitert! : DBD::mysql::st fetchrow failed: fetch() without execute() at /usr/local/webmin/mysql/ line 209.

When we try to restore or create a vHost we receive the error at CREATE MYSQL LOGIN as described above.
A database isn't created/restored.
After this the file vhosts.conf in sites-enabled is also corrupt.

Closed (fixed)


Mostafa, this particular thread is from 10 years ago, the cause is likely different now. Though even if it isn't it'd be good to take a fresh look at it.

Would it be possible to open a new support request, and in there, detail the issue that you're seeing -- including what Webmin version, Virtualmin version, and distro that you're using there? Thanks!