Unable to take any action on a subversion repo after creating it.

After creating a Subversion repository I am unable to take any action on it using the buttons on the interface. All buttons take me to the same error screen where the only message is: No button clicked!

Webmin 1.801 Virtualmin 5.04 Pro

The repo itself is working as I can access it from the command line and permissions seem to be correct.



Howdy -- do you experience that same problem when using the Virtualmin Framed Theme?

Some extra information: when viewing from mobile, the buttons work.

What browser is it that you're using? If you try a different browser, does that help?

Also, if you change the theme being used to the Virtualmin Framed theme, does that work as expected?

I switched to the Virtualmin Framed theme and everything works there. For the html5 theme I tried on OSX and Windows and for browsers I tried Chrome and Firefox. All combinations have the same error.

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Seems like this is a bug in the new theme yet, perhaps related to how buttons are placed in the SVN module?

I have it in git module too. It was working in the last authentic theme version I think.

Webmin version 1.810 Virtualmin version 5.04 Theme version Authentic Theme 18.10

Mac Safari 9.1.1

Mac OSX, Firefox or Safari. Am using the authentic theme.

Re-assigning this, as it looks like a theme issue..