New server with Ubuntu 16.04, two issues

Have some problem with restoring my virtual servers. Details here:

Also, Ubuntu 16.04 comes, unfortunately, with PHP7. I read quite a lot about having more than one PHP on a system, but as far as i understand, this is a CENTos only feature (built in with software collections).

What would you suggest: Downgrade to 5.something? Since i had some problems in getting Debian 8.5 up and running smoothly, i thought Ubuntu would be the perfect plan, which, as it turned out, isn't. On the other hand, my provider gives me Debian 8.5 or Ubuntu 16.04, switching provider is not a real option, because i would have to move quite a lot of stuff, which is more, than it will pay out for.

Any idea truly appreciated.

Thanks and best

PS: Would i have a chance to get another softwarepackage into your script repository in order to have it distributed with virtualmin?



Howdy -- could you open your Forum post as a bug report (that is, open a new support request, mark it as a bug report, and just paste in the contents of your Forum post there)? We may need to take a deeper look into that, possibly including getting Jamie to see one of your backups.

If you open that as a separate bug report, we can begin the process of looking into that.

Regarding your other questions --

Having more than one PHP version is supported on any distribution.

However, it's unfortunately not simple on anything but CentOS. CentOS makes it easy by providing packages that are designed to work side-by-side with the existing PHP packages.

On Debian and Ubuntu, that requires manually compiling your desired PHP version. However, that certainly does work if you're interested in going that route.

Also, Debian 8 should work great, and we have a lot of customers using that. If you experience problems getting things working on Debian 8, let us know and we can help sort out why that isn't working.

Regarding the script repository -- what software package did you have in mind?

so all i have to do to get the sources of the php version i like to have, compile it from source and can then choose it over PHP7 within virtualmin? I do not have to pamper around with apache conf files and the like? Sounds too good to be true ;-)

I will open a Bug Report for this restore fail thing .


In System Settings -> Virtualmin Config -> PHP options, there is an option there asking for the paths to additional PHP versions.

Once you include one, take a look in System Settings -> Re-Check Config, and it should detect it there.

Once the Re-Check Config detects the PHP version, you'll be able to use it in Virtualmin.