need upgraded clamav package we are still running 0.97

need to upgrade clamav to 0.99 I've seen in the ticketing system other people have been able to upgrade to 0.99 can you supply me with an installer that will work with mailman for 0.99?



Howdy -- that may be a limitation of CentOS 5... we may not have a newer ClamAV version for that particular distribution. I'll check with Joe about that though.

However, note that both SpamAssassin and ClamAV only work for email being delivered to accounts on your server, they don't hook into outgoing email, or into things such as Mailman.

OK, so what can I use with Mailman for virus control?

Sorry, we don't have an easy way to do that.

There unfortunately aren't any tools that Virtualmin can control, that are able to add spam or virus filtering to outgoing emails.

There are ways to do that, though you'd need to set them up manually.

I haven't personally tried this before (and we can't provide official support for this), but you could look into something like what's described here: