ClamAV Virus Scanning Server missing

i just notice i have missing ClamAV Virus Scanning Server on one of my server can you please let me know how i can install it

Please advise



Howdy -- where are you seeing that it's missing?

Also, what is the output of this command:

rpm -qa | grep clam

[root@ns1 ~]# rpm -qa | grep clam clamav-data-0.99.2-3.el7.centos.vm.noarch clamav-server-0.99.2-3.el7.centos.vm.x86_64 clamav-filesystem-0.99.2-3.el7.centos.vm.noarch clamav-lib-0.99.2-3.el7.centos.vm.x86_64 clamav-update-0.99.2-3.el7.centos.vm.x86_64 clamav-0.99.2-3.el7.centos.vm.x86_64

i am seeing this on virtualmin status

Okay, try running this command:

yum install clamav-scanner-systemd clamav-server-sysvinit

After that, try running this command:

clamd@scan.service restart

Once you do that, ClamAV should be running. You can verify that with this command:

ps auxw | grep clamd@scan.service

Oh nuts, I typed that in wrong... the command should be:

systemctl clamd@scan.service restart

Egads, it would appear I don't have this systemd thing down yet.

Sorry, the correct command (which I've just tested) is:

systemctl restart clamd@scan.service

ok how i can make sure it show up as running in my status under virtualmin

If it's not showing up yet (sometimes it just takes a few moments), you may want to try restarting Webmin, which you can do with the command "service webmin restart".

Let us know if that doesn't help though.

i did restart still not working