Which OS to use ?

Hi Guys, I just bought a Pro licence. I have been using Virtualmin GPL on Ubuntu 14.04 & Centos7 for myself and friends. But I now needed it to sell hosting with websites I make. I wanted to enquire which will be best OS to use based on my requirements as I havent been able to decide.

My Requirements:

1) Php 5.5, 5.6, 7.0

2) MySQL min 5.6

3) Clamd working for email

4) Password Recovery working.

Problems I had selecting OS myself are

1) Ubuntu doesnt support multiple PHP versions while CentOS does

2) Both Ubuntu & CentOS doesnt have mysql 5.6

3) Ubuntu 16.04 still has some problems with virtualmin (mysql password doesnt work after restore etc)

4) Ubuntu 14.04 doesnt seem to have forgot password recovery for users (atleast for me in ubuntu 14.04, it doesnt show package in ppa).

Thanks a lot and great product.



Howdy -- the issue with Ubuntu 16.04 and the database passwords will be resolved in the next Virtualmin release. In fact that's a big enough issue that I might push to have one put out here soon.

As a matter of personal preference, I generally prefer using one of the Ubuntu releases, and Joe and Jamie prefer the CentOS releases.

Which you use depends on your needs though.

You're right though, Ubuntu doesn't support multiple PHP versions, while CentOS makes that simple. If multiple PHP versions are the most important part of that, it might mean that CentOS is the right choice.

Ubuntu 16.04 does have MySQL 5.7 and PHP 7.0 -- if that would work for you, and the new Virtualmin version that fixes the backup issue would help, that could be a way to go too.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to let us know!

I need all 3 PHP versions.

Is the issue of Clam AV with CentOS 7 fixed ?

Also if I update to MariaDB 10.1 using 3rd party repo will it break any functionality as the one in CentOS 7 is MariaDB 5.5

We unfortunately can't recommend or support any third party repositories that provide additional MySQL/MariaDB versions. That is a common source of problems that we see.

There are those who have done it, and if you're starting from scratch now is the time to try as it won't break any live sites.

But we don't have experience trying that, and Webmin/Virtualmin may not perfectly support that database version.

ClamAV does work on CentOS 7, though we've occasionally seen issues with Virtualmin not being able to start/stop it. That's not normally something that needs to be done, though you can always do that from the command line if that's an issue you run into. Though if that's not fixed yet hopefully it will be soon!

That was the basic reason I asked the question initially. I thought maybe there is a supported OS out there which has al these and I havent tried it.

Just another question. Ubuntu 14.04 provide mysql 5.6 by default but virtualmin install 5.5 Any specific reason ?

Hmm, Virtualmin just installs the package named mysql-server.

As I look, it looks like Ubuntu actually offers two different MySQL versions -- one of which is 5.5, and the other is 5.6.

Installing the package mysql-server installs version 5.5... my best guess is that they later also added a second version, 5.6.

That should work just fine, though I didn't realize it was an option and haven't personally tested that. But you may simply be able to install mysql-server-5.6, mysql-common-5.6, and mysql-client-core-5.6 in place of the packages you have now.