"Require user" incomplete in SSL part of apache config after creation of git repo

Hi I thought to add the report. Delete if fixed already. (I searched)

In SSL part of apache:

<Location /git/myrepo.git>
Require user <user is missing>

is incomplete after I create a git repo. After I add the user from the non-SSL, it works as expected.

OS: Jessie


  • log in as the user to manage his git stuff
  • name a new git repo, and add a previously created user (not owner)
  • remove the owner that was default (maybe not important)
  • Enter to create

Webmin version 1.810 Virtualmin version 5.04 Theme version Authentic Theme 18.10

btw: Git repo config module was not available to users that had git enabled. Had to enable it manually.

Closed (fixed)


Hmmm .. the code should be adding the users to both the SSL and non-SSL apache configs.

Which version of the Nginx plugin are you running? You can see this on the Features and Plugins page.

I can confirm the same behaviour for Virtualmin 5.04 gpl on Ubuntu Linux 16.04.

HTTP (Port 80):

<Location /git/myrepo.git>
Require user username1 username2

HTTPS (Port 443):

<Location /git/myrepo.git>
Require user

I found the problem, it's in virtualmin-git-lib.pl line 225.

local @ports = ( $d->{'web_port'} );
push(@port, $d->{'web_sslport'}) if ($d->{'ssl'});

The second line should also have @ports not @port. This fixed the problem for me.

Ah .. thanks for pointing this out. That will be fixed in the next release of the Git plugin.

Status: Active ยป Fixed