Second server for billing system setup question

ubuntu 16.04

I need to setup a second machine for whmcs since whmcs likes to XSS all over the machine. However I am curious how would is setup this second machine to have it's own LAMP stack that would respond to I need this so whmcs will run on this second machine. I would also like let's encrypt to get a valid cert for this but i think there's a complication there. let's encrypt fails even though I have dns on the primary machine pointing to the new machine. Any ideas? I have a separate virt pro license i purchased for this second machine.



Howdy -- it sounds like it's a matter of installing Virtualmin on this new server, and than adding "" as a Virtual Server if that's the domain you wish to use for the billing system.

It looks like the IP "" is currently associated with that domain, is that the correct IP for your second server?.

yes but let's encrpyt fails. it fails with the message i typically get when it has a dns problem.

I disabled ssl..rebooted..enabled ssl..and it went through...stupid murphy..:)

Glad to hear it's working now!

I'm not sure what went wrong exactly, but it's good to hear that it's working as expected.