(random?) virtual server directory renamed to number

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#1 Mon, 07/04/2016 - 08:31

(random?) virtual server directory renamed to number


Today I was doing small changes (which I already did before) on my server: edited the my.cnf for some more query cache and edited fcgid.conf to raise max fcgid processes a bit. After changing the files I did restart mysql through the webinterface which worked well. Also I restarted Apache through the interface but it did not wan't to start. I ran the command to see the 'log' and it could not fine /home/DOMAINNAME/public_html. So I looked for the directory and it was gone, but I found the directory with the name '25' in my home. It was the directory that used to be the directory for that virtual server with domainname as name. I changed 25 back to DOMAINNAME and started Apache. It worked again!

But now I am wondering: any clue what happened and possibly could create this problem? Could there anything be wrong? It seems to work well again, but I really would like to know what could be the reason that the directory name of this virtual server got renamed to a number.

Centos 7. Virtualmin/Webmin latest version.

Sun, 08/07/2016 - 00:38
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That's a weird one. I can't think of what would trigger it. We used to have a bug where domains would end up with the name being replaced by the domain ID (which is a longish randomish number), but it didn't exhibit like this. If it happens again, we'd love to know the exact steps to reproduce it; it's not something we've heard about, thus far, so reproducing it will be necessary to fix it (if it's a Virtualmin bug, and not something else weird going on).


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