MySQL admin user account somehow got blown away

Somehow the default MySQL admin account, which I believe was prepopulated by the installer, got blown away while I was deleting a Virtualhost. Fortunately I was able to reset things following these instructions:

Is it possible I forgot to note the MySQL daemon credentials when I initially installed Virtualmin Pro? If so, is there anyway to recover them? I also have PostgreSQL running but like MySQL, I don't know the default credentials.



Howdy -- the Virtualmin installer doesn't create the database root user, though during the initial setup it does ask what password to set for those.

Did someone else perhaps set those up? If so, they may recall what they were set to.

Other than that, if you're currently unable to connect to Postgres as the admin user, you may need to reset the password using something like this here:

So Postgre is fine, it's MySQL that is broken. Is there anyway to recover the MySQL credentials?